2023 Platform Priorities May 4-May 11

2023 Platform Priorities May 4-May 11

Our 2023 Election Priorities 

Get out your party hats – it’s officially election season! The writ dropped on Monday, with election day called for May 29.  

You too can experience the unbridled joy of democracy with the help of this updated 2023 Provincial Election Toolkit. It includes great info on the when, where and how of voting; priority nonprofit issues; how party platforms align with nonprofit priorities (coming soon), how parties align with your values - and more.  

Maybe you need greater depth of information for nonprofit advocacy during election period. Good news – we've got that too. Check out our updated Policy Advocacy Guide.   

The UCP released their platform this week, which you can check out here. We’ll offer analysis of party platforms once all have been released.  

Election Advocacy 

We asked you to share your election advocacy efforts and you all are busy! Lots of great opportunities to engage on issues of importance:  

  • The Alberta Council of Disability Services has identified three election priorities: 1) A skilled and highly paid workforce; 2) Increased system capacity; and 3) Comprehensive and timeline data. Find out more here. 
  •  The Canadian Bar Association released its Agenda for Justice 2023 - a roadmap to improve the justice system with more than 30 recommendations.  
  • Inclusion Alberta is hosting a virtual candidates’ forum on May 9 at 7PM, with candidates confirmed from the UCP and NDP. There will be 5 key themes: access to and funding for key programs; education; culturally relevant services for Indigenous people; housing; and income and employment.  

Support the Priorities and Share 

  • Get out your party hats - it’s election season! @nonprofitvote has you covered with a #votekit that includes how to vote, priority nonprofit issues, and - coming soon - how party platforms align with them. Check it out! #yaydemocracy #nonprofitsvote #abelxn2023 https://www.calgarycvo.org/abvotekit  
  • 1) #nonprofits do incredible work in health care, social services, sports & recreation, arts, childcare, conservation, trail building, religion & spirituality, equity, sustainability… and more! It’s difficult to imagine what #alberta would look like without #nonprofits - but here’s a glimpse of what we look like with them. https://youtu.be/RN4Ec90rf34
    • 2) Help ensure #nonprofits have the resources to keep it up, by sharing @nonprofitsvote’s 5 Platform Priorities with your party leaders. #abelxn #ableg  #platformpriorities #nonprofitsvote #yaydemocracy 

Election season is underway and we’d love to promote the advocacy efforts of your nonprofit. Send them our way so we can share here and on our socials! 

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