2023 Platform Priorities Update March 29-April 5

2023 Platform Priorities Update March 29-April 5


Our 2023 Election Priorities  

The 5 priorities CCVO and The Nonprofit Vote launched just a couple weeks ago are grabbing attention in the legislature! In this exchange from last week, Marie Renaud, NDP critic for Community and Social Services, indicates her support for CCVO’s work and Jason Luan, Minister of Culture, responds with support for CCVO’s advocacy. It’s great to see cross-party support for the nonprofit sector!  

In the News 

Here is the full CTV video coverage of the launch of our Platform Priorities.   

Election Advocacy  

Over the next two months leading up to the election, we’ll share what others are asking to see in provincial party platforms.  

This week, our eyes are on Calgary: The City of Calgary and the Calgary Chamber of Commerce.  

The City of Calgary wants to hear from provincial parties on 5 themes: economic resilience, social resilience, climate resilience, the downtown and modern government. In the past, the City has solicited responses through surveys, but are looking to switch up their approach this year to encourage responses that are more detailed and tailored specifically to the needs of Calgary.  

The 5 election priorities released by the Calgary Chamber in February include: Fiscal responsibility, Affordability and rising costs, Economic diversification and competitiveness, Talent and labour, and Strategic infrastructure investments. They highlight meeting the needs of today while planning for long-term fiscal sustainability; alleviating the pressure of rising costs on businesses and families; supporting innovation and competitive access to capital for innovators; increasing the talent pool through education, access to childcare and streamlined immigration systems; and investments in infrastructure that create jobs and attract talent – by being a vibrant, safe, and accessible place to live.  

We see a lot of common ground between our priorities and those we highlighted today, and will be looking for win-win scenarios in party platforms.  

Support the Priorities and Share  

By now you may know: we and our The Nonprofit Vote partners are calling on provincial parties to prioritize the nearly 300,000 Albertans who work in the nonprofit sector – and the 4.4 million Albertans who benefit from it. We’ve launched 5 priorities that political parties must include in their platforms to ensure essential nonprofit services are there for Albertans when they need them. 

You can help by joining the call and spreading the word!  

  1. Go to https://www.thenonprofitvote.ca/platform_priorities and send a letter with one click to the party leaders asking them to include the 5 priorities (Appropriate Funding, A Workforce Strategy, Better Data Collection, A Door to Government, and An Empowered Sector) for the nonprofit sector in their election platforms. Then send that link to everyone you know who supports nonprofits and ask them to do the same!  
  2. Share this campaign on social media! Here’s some content that can get you started:  

#DYK there are 30,000 nonprofit organizations in AB? They contribute $5.5 billion to Alberta’s economy every year and employ nearly 300,000 people. For too long, AB’s nonprofit sector has been doing more with less, amid surging demand. www.CalgaryCVO.org

  With an election on the horizon, AB’s provincial parties have an opportunity to make sure essential nonprofit services are there for Albertans when they need them. Learn more about how government can better support the nonprofit sector’s needs here: www.CalgaryCVO.org 

You can take action! @thenonprofitvote partners have launched a new campaign calling on party leaders to embed our priorities in their platforms -  and ensure Albertans have access to essential nonprofit services when they need them. Follow the link below for more. www.thenonprofitvote.ca/platform_priorities 

Be sure to follow us on Twitter (@calgarycvo, @nonprofitvote) and Instagram (@thenonprofitvote).

Election Resources  

Excited to vote, but need more information? Check out Livewire’s handy map and table of candidates in Calgary ridings, or Dave Cournoyer’s list of candidates for the whole provinceAnd of course, elections Alberta has a lot of good information on how to find your riding and what you’ll need to vote.   


Send us Election Advocacy Efforts to Share 

The election season is just getting underway and we’d love to promote the advocacy efforts of your nonprofit. Send them our way so we can share here and on our socials! 

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