Being able to tell your organization's stories is imperative to successful advocacy as effective stories relate the issues that matter to the public.

Elements of a great story include:

  • Using simple language by avoiding jargon and acronyms
  • Writing in an empathetic voice to make the reader see the issue differently
  • Using data to back up your key messages
  • A clear call to action
  • Tailoring your message to each audience

Engaging with the media is an important piece to ensuring your story gets pushed to a larger audience. Media exposure can help bring awareness to your message and start public dialogue and collaboration among community members.

Your nonprofit brand is the most important ingredient to attract and connect with the right people to support your organization. The right message that will differentiate you from others, so that people are eager to support you because they understand and trust your organization. In this webinar, Branding Shifts for Nonprofits, learn about the critical three shifts that every nonprofit has to take to master their messages online and pivot their brand and stand out in the digital space.