Check out The Nonprofit Vote Municipal Vote Kit resources below to create your vote plan, engage your organization, and get your community involved in the voting process. Don’t forget to share with your contacts so we can make it known, #nonprofitsvote!

Share your pledge with others!

There are many ways to get social this election and share your pledge – and ask others to pledge, too.

Get informed so you can vote with confidence. 

Know who is running and be prepared to ask candidates important questions about your issues

  • Check out and research local candidates for council, mayor, and school board. [Update with link to local candidate list.].
  • Look up any referendum or plebiscite questions that may be on the ballot. [Update with link to local ballot questions.]
  • Reach out to candidates and ask them about the issues most important to you and your local nonprofits. How will they support the community if they are elected? [Update with link to list of local candidate contact information.]
  • Check out information on potential candidates for Alberta Senate, who may be up for election on the same date as the municipal election.

Plan Your Vote 

Prepare the when, how and where of your personal vote plan.  

  • Where do I vote? Enter your address on your local municipal website to find out where you’re designated to vote, and the locations of polls. [Update with link to local election location information.]
  • When do I vote? Dates for municipal elections will be available as they’re announced, including the dates for advance polling. [Update with link to local election dates.]  
    • Am I eligible to vote? Visit the Elections Alberta website to learn about eligibility for voters. You will also need to prove residence within the municipality where you are voting. Please check your municipality website to learn more. [Update with link to local voter eligibility.]
    • What ID do I need to vote? Visit the Elections Alberta website to learn about required ID for municipal elections. Please note: These are the basic requirements for all Alberta municipalities. Your local municipality may have additional requirements or accept additional types of ID. [Update with link to local municipality requirements.]