If your organization was granted five minutes with the Premier or Minister of Culture today, would you be prepared? Do you have your key issues and action items at the ready? You need to in order to successfully advocate for your organizational needs.

Each level of government oversees different aspects of public service. Understanding what municipal, provincial and federal governments handle and how they work will allow your organization to prepare appropriate briefs to keep ministers and their staff informed. 

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Find a list of the 25 ministers and 38 critics in Alberta, as well as their contact information and mandate letters for ministries here

Effective government relations can help you advance your mission, influence public policy, and increase revenue. From advising government of the ways in which community services can be more efficiently delivered, to sharing the data that can be used in the development of public policy, this webinar was designed to illustrate both the value and significant returns for nonprofits who engage in government relations.

Regardless of your ask (funding, policy), government relations is about establishing relationships with elected and un-elected government officials, and educating them about the role your nonprofit can play in helping the government meet its policy objectives. Learn more in this webinar.