Thank you for pledging to vote in the Calgary municipal election, and supporting Calgary nonprofits, preventative social services, and Calgary's Poverty Reduction Strategy.  

Check out The Nonprofit Vote Municipal Vote Kit resources below to share your pledge, engage your organization, and get your community involved in the voting process. You’ll also receive this via email so you can easily share it with your colleagues and neighbours and ask them to pledge, too!

Share your pledge with others!

There are many ways to get social this election and share your pledge – and ask others to pledge, too.

Get informed so you can vote with confidence.

Know who is running and be prepared to ask candidates important questions on preventative social services.

  • Check out the candidates for council, Mayor, and school board (public and separate).
  • Check out the referendum questions that will be on your municipal ballot on October 18.
  • Check out the plebiscite question that will be on the Calgary municipal ballot on October 18.
  • Check out information on candidates for Senate, which will be a separate ballot at the time you vote in the municipal election.
  • Ask these important questions on support for Preventative Social Services and Calgary’s Poverty Reduction Strategy of your candidates when they come to the door, print the list or use this email template to email the candidates in your ward and Mayoral candidates.

Thank you for pledging to vote this municipal election. Let’s make it known that #nonprofitsvote and our voices are heard!


Calgary #nonprofitsvote is a nonpartisan effort led by a coalition of Calgary-based social serving agencies. The #nonprofitsvote materials are not intended to endorse or oppose political candidates or parties.